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Sunday, May 13, 2012

raincloud mobile

Happy Mothers' Day!

Although my babies will always be my babies, I don't really have any tiny wee babies in my life right now. However for some reason, I was struck with the urge to make a baby mobile.

I decided on a soft plush cloud as the main part, with raindrops hanging down, and then thought, why not raindrops in a rainbow of colours?

Why not, indeed.

I made a few stencils and cut out the shapes from poplin,

sewed each one most of the way around with (tiny tiny!) blanket stitch, stuffed them and sewed them closed  -  first the cloud

and then the raindrops.

How cute do they all look together?! Ahh.

I strung the raindrops from the cloud, 

wondered who I could possibly give it to as a new-baby gift, and then for some reason...

made two more.


Anybody want a raincloud mobile?

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