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Sunday, April 22, 2012

zodiac nightlight

My nephew Huon's birthday was last week, and I used some of my gorgeous new Spoonflower fabric to make him a wall light in the pattern of the Aries constellation.

I trimmed the fabric to a 45cm square, and stapled it to a 16"x16" stretched canvas:

(incidentally, I love my staplegun. I'd always put off buying one because I thought they were super expensive, but this one was $16ish from Spotlight. Yay!)

When the fabric square was stapled taut, I turned it over and pierced the circles that signify the stars,

and through each piercing I pushed one of the LEDs of a string of battery-operated Christmas lights.

(I had a moment of panic when  -  obviously  -  I couldn't find Christmas lights for sale in Hobart in April, but eBay came through for me. Yay again!)

When all the lights were in I taped the spare ones with black gaffer (so they wouldn't shine through the canvas) and taped the battery compartment onto the back bottom corner. This is how it looks with the lights off:

and on:

Max and I wrapped it up and posted it in time for Huon's birthday,

where, I hear, it was excitedly received.

All up, the time it took was as long as half-watching an episode of Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries with Whitby on the couch next to me  -  that's around 50 minutes.

I was so pleased with it that I'm thinking about making them for my etsy shop. What do you think?

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