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Sunday, May 27, 2012

chalkboard table

We got a new dining table!

Just look at this magnificent beast!

Our old table was still in fine condition, just too small for our needs, so I reclaimed it to make a new space for Max's craft and drawing time (based on this idea, found on Pinterest. Oh, Pinterest! I was late to the party, but how I love you now).

The materials, aside from the table, were a metre of blackboard fabric from Spotlight, and a couple of rolls of gaffer tape (Girls' Best Friend, tm). Easy as!

The blackboard fabric was too narrow to cover the whole table, hence all the tape. I centred the fabric on the table and held it down with silver gaffer:


surrounded that with a line of black gaffer:

and finished it off with another line of silver:

and that was it! I put it together while watching Saturday morning RAGE (read: yelling at the "stars" to put more clothes on and learn to sing properly, because I am a massively old lady), this took maybe five songs. That's roughly fifteen or twenty minutes; not bad for a spankin' new space for all of Maxi's paper and crayons and chalk and playdough and pipecleaners and all the rest  -  

-  although knowing us,  it'll just become yet another surface for piles of laundry and books.

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