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Sunday, April 8, 2012

easter eggs

What's this? Another blog?

Erm... yes. Another blog.

I know I've not been the most diligent at updating my other blogs, but I always do start out wi
th the best intentions. This one, though, I think I really can follow through on. Yay!

The name and concept were suggested by the lov
ely Essie one morning when she and her husband were over for brunch at ours, and I'd made waaay too much, as usual. That was a little while ago now, but here we are.

So let's start with what I made today!

It's Easter, and I know the kids will go mad on all the chocola
te, they don't need me offering them any more... but the idea of not having something special for breakfast - well, that's just not how I roll.

So I decided to trick them, and provided for breakf
ast a very austere carton of plain hardboiled eggs. Willow was a little suspicious but dug in anyway. They were delighted to find...

rainbow jelly eggs!

(Oops - we'd polished off three before I remembered to take a photo.)

It was Max's first taste of jelly, I think it blew his mind. Even Whitby deigned to try them and beneath the cool exterior, I've a suspicion he liked them too.

This is how I did them:

1. I used a corkscrew to piece a hole in the top of the egg - I've nev
er done that before so I tried it over the sink while half-expecting the egg to explode in an icky mess, but it was actually surprisingly neat.

2. With a chopstick I broke up the yolk inside the s
hell so I could pour the egg out through the hole,

3. then I sterilised the shells by boiling and baki
ng them.

4. The jellies were red, blue and yellow originally: Roughly, half of the red went in two eggs, half of the yellow in two, half of the blue in two. Then the remaining
red I split in two and mixed half with half the remaining yellow to make orange and half with half the remaining blue to make purple. The last two halves of yellow and blue combined to make green.

Umm, that was unnecessarily confusing. What I meant w

i.a) 340ml red = 2 x 170ml
i.b) 340ml yellow = 2 x 170ml
i.c) 340ml blue = 2 x 170ml

ii.a) 1 x 170ml red = 2 x 85ml red eggs
ii.b) 1 x 170ml yellow = 2 x 85ml yellow eggs
ii.c) 1 x 170ml blue = 2 x 85ml blue eggs

iii.a) 170ml red = 2 x 85ml
iii.b) 170ml yellow = 2 x 85ml
iii.c) 170ml blue = 2 x 85ml

iv.a) 85ml red + 85ml yellow = 2 x 85ml orange eggs
iv.b) 85ml yellow + 85ml blue = 2 x 85ml green eggs
iv.c) 85ml blue + 85ml red = 2 x 85ml p
urple eggs

Max was watching intently as I measured these
all out - this is totes how I'm teaching him maths.

5. They set overnight in the muffin tin, then in the
morning I placed them upside down in the old egg carton.

(after I took this photo, I rubbed the coloured stain off the eggtops to hide the evidence.)

So this was our Easter breakfast! I know, I know. Not the healthiest. But pretty cute!

...and all that was left were the shells.

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